VentilationWhat’s New In Connectivity And Control Systems For HVAC?

January 10, 2018by BoldThemes0

HVAC connectivity and control system markets are growing. Technology is evolving to satisfy the demand for smarter, more eco-friendly HVAC systems. Technology is also utilizing software and smart sensors to provide automation options for internal and exterior controls, including temperature, humidity, and sun position monitoring to ensure HVAC units operate at peak efficiency. As these systems become more advanced, there is a need for increased protection against environmental elements for the unit and its components and for regular maintenance checks to ensure the unit is operating at peak efficiency.

-By Daniel Fisher Modine Manufacturing Co.


HVAC systems are constantly becoming more intelligent, with new technological enhancements being embedded into individual components. In our VFDs (variable frequency drives), new features have been added, such as wireless keypads, which give users the ability and freedom to have complete control of their VFD remotely from an application on their smartphone. Another new feature, CBM (condition-based monitoring), turns the VFD into a smart sensor that allows users to be notified prior to critical failures in the system’s motors and applications so they can proactively plan for adjustment, repair, or replacement to keep their system running with minimal downtime.

-By Jackson Tiedmann Danfoss Drives

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