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Ac Uninstalled & Shifting

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If you want to uninstall multiple AC units also we can provide one or more technicians.If you want to uninstall and install AC in same site or different site, we’ll help you.Our technicians provide uninstallation service only, if your AC shifted to different site you may face gas leakage issue or damage during transportation for that we are not responsible, we only provide warranty for service.Our technicians carry tools to uninstall AC unit.Our technicians could not carry ladders or stool, customer have to provide ladders or stool.Depends upon the floor, technician may come with helper.You can able to book both AC uninstallation and installation in a single booking.Our technicians can uninstall all AC types and brands.

Ac Installation

We pride ourselves on offering the most up-to-date and efficient cooling system technologies immersion along the information.

AC Installation Service providers in India. EMI not available along with this service. Installation appointment within 48 hours of delivery. We will call you to schedule your Installation after the product is delivered. Installation by a background verified expert. Additional materials / services charged extra.


AC Gas Refill or Top Up

Our core values are the pillars of our success. These values drive our daily decisions heading towards.

Ac Gas Top-up service is required if the refrigerant level is low. The ac gas filling charges for this service are dependent on the amount of ac .We ensure to fix all ac gas leakage issues and provide you with the best charges for ac gas filling in case of both Window AC Gas Filling and Split AC Gas Filling. Our ac mechanic ensures to use the best ac refrigerant and provide the most reasonable cost of gas filling in ac. So, beat this scorching heat and enjoy our doorstep AC Gas Filling And Repair Services.

Ac Repair and Service

We pride ourselves on offering the most up-to-date and efficient cooling system technologies immersion along the information.

Destiny HVAC Engineers is a reputed AC dealer and service provider that renders its excellent services to people in India. We specialize in dealing with different brands of HVAC Systems, VRF/VRV ACs, Split ACs, Window ACs, Ducted ACs, Multi-Split ACs and other models of ACs. Apart from dealing with high-quality Air Conditioners, we also render excellent AC installation, repair, AMC and uninstallation assistance for the clients. Our AC services include gas refilling, piping, water leakage, Etc.


How to Decide Between New HVAC System

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What system is right for me?

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How much will it cost?

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What size HVAC system do I need?

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Control Systems

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Management Systems

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